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Dear Friend,

Welcome to! I am very excited to be with you today. For the last several years I have worked with thousands of children and dozens of educators and I have had the privilege of working with some of the most notable educators and educational institutions in America, all of us working together to improve educational outcomes for children.

The purpose of this site is to provide parents, students and teachers with a set of tools and ideas that they can use immediately to improve the lives and educational outcomes of children. With your permission, I would like to share with you all of my skills, my experiences and my mistakes when dealing with children and with educators. As we grow, I would also like to introduce you to many of my friends and colleagues including teachers, professors, therapists and other experts in various fields so that you can be an able and informed advocate for your children.

Whether you are a parent who is looking to ensure your child has the greatest chance for success and happiness or a teacher who is looking for a breakthrough with a struggling student or just to take your practice to the next level, we intend to have a program to meet your needs. And while we have a vision for where we would like to go and ideas about what we would like to offer, we have so much more to learn, both from you and from others.

This site is yours to use as a resource. If you have suggestions about what would be helpful to you, to your family or to your students, please feel free to submit your question or suggestion in the form above.

Thank you so much for visiting us! We look forward to working with you now and in the future.

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Jarad Sanchez